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Bimini Top Safety 101: Up or Down?

While having your Bimini top up is essential in 95% of the cases (aka hot sunny days out on the water), there are a couple of situations when it might be better to keep it collapsed. The most common three situations are when towing your pontoon, when not in use, and during lightning. Today, we’re […]

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Do Pontoon Boats Need Bathrooms?

If you are on the market looking for a pontoon boat, you might be wondering whether your new beauty has all the commodities you’re looking for. And since we are all humans, the first things we would need to have access to for a fully comfortable experience are 1) food, 2) a place to rest, […]

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Top 5 Most Common Pontoon Boat Issues

Much like cars and trucks, pontoons are susceptible to a variety of problems. And most of the serious issues you’ll encounter during your life as a pontooner are engine-related, as there are few other things that could affect the boat’s well-being quite as much. Today, we’re taking a look at the most common of these […]

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