Top Fishing Rod Holders for Pontoons

There’s nothing fishy about fishing from a pontoon boat. In fact, as the most versatile boat there is, the pontoon boat is also one of the best choices you can make when your fishing trip is at stake. There’s really nothing better than a nice, stable platform with inviting, comfortable seats which will definitely not get your back sour from lying down all day like the lazy person you are.

There are also a couple of other advantages to a pontoon boat. Unlike traditional v-hull boats, pontoons have a square railing which you can use to attach a really impressive number of accessories, including fishing rod holders as well as a grill for the after-fishing party.

This time around, we’re here to help you pick a proper fishing rod holder. Yes, it sounds like something really simple and intuitive, but there are plenty of these accessories that are just a waste of money because they break easily, they’re hard to mount and remove, they don’t hold the rod at the right angle or they hold it so that you hit the handle every time you get up from your seat, things like that.

Here’s a very short list of what we think are really good fishing rod holders:

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#1: Eagle Claw AABRH Clamp-on Rod Holder for Pontoons

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By far our top pick, this Eagle Claw model is also one of the top picks for reviewers online as well. Due to its large knobs, it can be mounted and adjusted by hand, with no need for specialized tools – or any tools at all, for that matter. The adjustment itself is a great asset for this model, as it swivels around the base for a 360° horizontal adjustment as well as a 90° vertical adjustment.

Yes, we know, it’s made of plastic, but we promise it won’t break easily. It’s designed to hold rods up to 1375” (3.5m) and it also has the advantages of not rusting and not scratching your railing.

#2: Scotty Rod Holder with Square Mount Rail

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In terms of quality, the Scotty Rod Holder is about the same as the Eagle Claw. The difference lies mostly in height, with the Eagle Claw model being a lot higher. If you prefer your holder with a lower profile, Scotty offers what you need.

As a disadvantage, this holder cannot be mounted or removed by hand. However, it’s not that big of an issue since you can use a Philips screwdriver and a wrench to mount it and you should have those tools around anyway. If you don’t, please consult our article about necessary items on a boat, which explains why you should have them.

#3: Brocraft Heavy Duty Fishing Pole Rod Holder with Aluminum Universal Clamp

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The longest name here also has the most expensive price tag, more than the previous two combined. However, if you want ultimate sturdiness for your next big catch, this is what you’re looking for. Made of PVC-coated aluminum, this rod holder will not let you down even if there’s a small whale at the other end of the line. It’s also mountable by hand, due to its large knob, and it can be mounted on anything smaller than 2.5”, which includes pontoon boat railing as well as other types of boats like kayaks, canoes, powerboats and so on.

Another reason why it’s third on our list is the risk of it scratching your railing. However, you can remove this by placing a piece of rubber or a similar material between the clamp and the railing.

#4: Hiumi® Adjustable Black Finish ABS and Stainless Fishing Rod Holder

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The Hiumi® Adjustable Black Finish ABS and Stainless Fishing Rod Holder is another budget alternative worth taking into consideration. It features 360-degree horizontal adjustment, with a tight grip lock nut to help you attach to your boat or pontoon. Besides that, it comes with three different mounting mechanisms so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best. It also has a lock for securing your rod when you’re not around to supervise it. Find out more details and shop the latest price for the Hiumi® Adjustable Black Finish ABS and Stainless Fishing Rod Holder here:

#5: Bekith Fishing Rod Holder Fly Rods Holder

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The Bekith Fishing Rod Holder Fly Rods Holder is a very durable unit that will certainly last you for a lifetime. All the parts are made of stainless steel, and the rod holder comes with 3 different mounting mechanisms for attaching it to your pontoon boat. It also works for both casting rods and spinning rods, so it will work perfectly for both amateur and professional fishing.

#6: Brocraft Power Lock Adjustable Rod Holder With Square/Rail Mount

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If you’re looking for superior stability and fixation, look no further than the Brocraft Power Lock Adjustable Rod Holder. It comes with a square mount and rail mounts for your pontoon, fitting 7/8″ rail tubes, 1″ rail tubes, and 1-1/4″ square tubes. This fixation which will keep the holder and the rod in place regardless of weather conditions. Naturally, the holder can rotate 360 degrees and turn through 12 different positions. Much like any Brocraft rod holder, this one is made from fiberglass-injected nylon. The price isn’t too bad either.

What to pay attention to when shopping for a fishing rod holder:

If you’re shopping for small accessories such as fishing rod holders, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the number of products the market has to offer. However, worry not – we’re here to tell you exactly what to pay attention to in order to make sure you choose the perfect fishing rod holder for your pontoon.

Before anything else, you need to figure out where you want to mount the rod holder. This will influence the type of mount and the weight of the holder you have to go for. Most people prefer to fix these on the rails of their pontoon – and those can be either cylindrical or square. You can find specific square and round rail mounts on some units, such as the Brocraft Power Lock, or just settle for the standard universal clamps. Square and rail mounts are generally better because they offer more stability, but the final choice is up to you.

Another thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the diameter of the holder. This will mostly be influenced by your fishing habits and the tools you usually use. Ideally, you should look for a wide diameter that accommodates both spinning and casting rods.

Price shouldn’t be an issue regardless of what model you choose: fishing rod holder usually range between $15 and $35 depending on the size, material, and brand. Anyway, you won’t be caught breaking the bank with your new fishing rod holder.

We hope this article offered you an insight to what the market has to offer in terms of fishing rod holders or at least gave you some general ideas as to what to look for.

These are our top 3 choices for a fishing rod holder. You can now keep your fishing rod at hand without actually holding it in your hand. We hope this article offered you an insight to what the market has to offer in terms of fishing rod holders or at least gave you some general ideas as to what to look for. Enjoy your fishing trip and read our article about the best pontoon boat grills in order to find out what to do after you do catch something!

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I went with the Eagle Claw for my G3 Suncatcher and it’s an awesome piece of kit. Thanks for the recommendations mate!


Cheers mate, thanks for sharing this stuff, just got the Brocraft heavy duty holder, bit worried about it scratching my rail but will take your advice and pad it with rubber or sth, anyway heard you can’t beat that one when it comes to spinner rods and heavy catches!


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