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If you’ve finally accomplished your savings goals, won the lottery, or inherited a small fortune, and you’re thinking abut buying the pontoon of your dreams, the Windjammer Cruise/Elite might be worth a look. In this article, we’ll offer you a comprehensive review of this model, as well as the essential specs that you need to know before purchasing.

Before anything else, why choose the Windjammer Cruise over other pontoons? Well, the first thing that strikes you as soon as you see the picture is the beautiful interior. If you’re looking for something leaning towards the luxurious vibe of a yacht rather than the weekend-out-on-the-lake one that most pontoons give off, this model is the right choice for you. The furniture is all covered in soft white vinyl resembling leather, the bases are all Roman Bronze cladded, and the glass table has a nice smoky hue to go with the color scheme of the interior. The table even has wine glass cutouts and cup holder, so that you can take you expensive glass set with you on board without worrying about them breaking. It also comes with a 25 QT portable cooler to help you keep the beverages cool – after all, there’s nothing better than a glass of champagne while enjoying the sunset from your brand new ‘toon.

The exterior and other accessories are impressive as well – the Wind Jammer comes with a Bimini top on an aluminum frame, a ladder at the rear for easier access to the water, and a privacy station with a curtain and frame. Grace to this, you won’t have to worry about buying an extra changing room – which would be kind of a bummer anyway, given the price of this unit.

You won’t have to worry about investing in extra illumination either, as the Wind Jammer Cruise includes everything you might need in terms of lights as well. You can enjoy some dim mood lights on the interiors, as well as the accent dock lights built into the walls. Besides that, the underside of the pontoon is also illuminated with LED lights.

In other words, you won’t have to invest in any essentials if you opt for this model. It even comes with a fully equipped dashboard – including a waterproof radio head unit, 4 high-power speakers with waterproof speaker covers, as well as a 12V power point. What’s next, a built-in fish finder? Well, you guessed that right (bet you didn’t see that coming though. The wind Jammer Cruise Elite comes with a Garmin 500c Color fish and depth finder for easier sailing and, of course, fishing.

This is the main reason why you would want to get your hands on the Wind Jammer Cruise/Elite. It comes with everything you might think you need – from the bare essentials like furniture and illumination to accessories like the sound system, fish finder, and beverage cooler. However, there’s one major drawback for this unit – it costs between $34k and $36 – which is quite the amount even for a high-end pontoon boat. However, the good news is that you can opt out of certain upgrades that you think you can get yourself for less money, or you don’t need right away. Here’s another main advantage of this model – the fact that you can decrease the price quite a bit by eliminating some optional accessories.

If you’re wondering what the “optional upgrades are for this model”, here are a few: there’s the Bimini top, the raised platform for the driver’s chair, the little kitchenette with the sink, wine holder, and drink cooler/refrigerator, as well as the fish finder. If you’re not one for fishing, but you’d need to know your way around the lake, you can switch the fish finder for a GPS device. You can also opt out of any electrical appliance, including the sound system and power point. Another thing you can customize is the flooring – you can choose it to be full deck or partial, and choose from a few different colors and finishes.

On the other hand, if you hate looking around for extras on your own, you can purchase the Wind Jammer with all the accessories included – they can even throw in a table umbrella and a mini grill bar for your deck if that’s what takes your fancy.

In terms of technical specifications, the Wind Jammer has 32-gallon fuel capacity and requires mechanical tilt steering. You can also opt for bigger fuel tanks, 45 and 90 gallons respectively, or request they add a trolling motor at the bow. The engine that comes with it come in different power options, from 115 to 150 hp. The pontoon comes in different lengths as well, from 21’ to 27’, and the dry weight can be anything between 1800 and 2475 lbs. It can hold between 10 and 14 people on the deck, depending on the size you choose, and the maximum weight with people on it will be 2000 lbs. If we’re talking size, the Wind Jammer Cruise is a pretty small boat, but if you don’t plan on inviting the whole neighborhood for your day out one the lake, it will do just fine. What’s more, you can get a rather inexpensive trolling motor for this size and transform your cruiser into an excellent fishing boat.

Overall verdict for the Wind Jammer Cruise/Elite: great choice if you’re one for factory customization and don’t mind spending some extra cash to get your ‘toon delivered to your door with all the accessories included. The sailing experience is smooth and easy with all the equipment you have on the deck, and the motor can develop quite a high speed. This pontoon is the perfect choice for anyone looking for leisure lake sailing with their family or a group of friends – as the size and construction of the deck are perfect for hosting your own mini party on board. On the other hand, if you add a trolling motor at the bow, the same pontoon can become a great fishing boat. However, the price is on the high side, and it might not be the most affordable thing for everyone.



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